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A New Year a New You- 'Hencote for life'

22/1/17 | Olivia Britton- Manager, The Grange at Hencote

Everywhere I turn I see signs such as 'Drop a stone in 4 weeks' OR 'Cleanse and detox your body for 2017', gym clothes- literally shoved in your face as soon as you walk into any shop or super market, and diet food or protein powders. If you are determined to get uber fit and drop pounds quickly then yes, throwing yourself into all of this and powering hard for a couple of months is great. But what do you do after those months when you're sick of eating hardly anything and find it so difficult to go out and enjoy dinner with loved ones. Strict diets and hours of burning those calories I admit are good to get you into shape, however you certainly can't keep going at that pace all the time. You need the odd night off to enjoy and let your body rest.

This is something we and certainly I have realised at Hencote. After conducting our first wellbeing programme back in September 2016 which was packed full, and I mean literally 'back to back' workout, yoga and trekking, we soon realised that we weren't providing the luxury wellbeing break that we intended.

After much thought and re-planning into the programme, we then launched The Hencote Wellbeing 3 and 5 day experience. Although this still involves yoga, fitness and countryside walks, we have tailored the programme to now include individual relaxation time which includes massage, mindfulness exercises and 1 on 1 nutrition. Our guests are educated in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and a lifestyle that will not deprive you from the things you enjoy.

Our last wellbeing programme where our guests only left just on Tuesday was our best yet! Two guests in particular arrived not knowing and even not really believing that just 5 days staying with us could make such a transformation. Leading very hectic business lives normally and only reaching 3-4 hours of sleep each night, this couple required much needed TLC. On day 3 after a couple of yoga sessions with the lovely Michele Burton, a fast paced trek up the Wrekin with Mike Harvey and the most incredible full body massage you could wish to have from Elizabeth Chate, this normally very busy and unable to relax couple actually looked forward to an afternoon nap and even reached 6 hours of sleep by day 4. Very satisfying for us, let me tell you!

Water, water, water! An ingredient many of us forget about in our daily diet. Water is so important, as our guests last week realised. Increasing their water intake over the 5 days showed remarkable changes to their skin in particular. Their colour was much more rosie and glowing and they stated many times that they felt their skin wasn't a dry. something so simple but easy to forget about, that is until they met Liz (massage and wellbeing therapist). Liz will certainly drum in to you to drink more water :)

Our guests did leave on Tuesday, however they are not now forgotten about. Our nutritionist and fitness coach are still talking to them to make sure everyone is still on the right track in maintaining a healthy and balanced programme, and a programme that doesn't feel like work. Something they can enjoy and share with their family. It can be so simple to cook healthy, easy and delicious meals at home. Most of us just need that little bit of education and guidance to actually do it. 

One thing that we at Hencote really strive for is to still be available to all Hencote guests even after they have completed their stay with us. We encourage all guests to stay in touch and keep us updated with their 'New you' approach and ask if they require a little guidance here and there.

The team at Hencote are always eager to help as 'Hencote is for life'

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