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Christmas Parties- the morning after struggle


CHRISTMAS parties: They always seem like such a good idea...until the next morning.

Your head hurts, your stomach is churning and the boss wants an urgent word about that broken photocopier.

We can't protect you from facing the music, but we can help perk you up following a night of indulgence.

Hencote's nutrition expert Maria Mekhael shows you how:

We've all been there…Christmas is a time when even the best intentions are easily sabotaged. It's very easy to get carried away. Unfortunately there is no nutritional "magic cure" for the morning-after symptoms of a particularly heavy night. However, these 3 tips may just help to ease the pain a little:

1/ Eat Breakfast (if you can face it). Step away from the fry up, and opt for some poached or scrambled eggs on wholegrain or rye toast with a side of broccoli and avocado.

Why? Eggs contain cysteine and sulphur, wholegrains contain B Vitamins and broccoli is a great source of glucosinates. These are all nutrients which support natural liver detoxification pathways in the body and help cope with the alcohol overload. Drinking alcohol makes your blood glucose levels plummet the next morning, leaving you craving carbs and sugar. Wholegrain carbs with some fibre, protein and beneficial fat will help balance your blood sugar levels, helping to ease feelings of weakness, fatigue and lac of coorindation.

2/ Limit Caffeine: Many of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration, but try and avoid coffee and stick to water, ginger teas and strongly diluted fruit juice to hydrate and help the headache.

Why? Though it's common to crave coffee or use the stimulant effect of caffeine as a pick me up when you're feeling tired and cranky, this will actually make the problem worse. Ginger tea can help reduce feelings of nausea and settle the stomach.

3/ Up Your Potassium: Dehydration drains the body of important nutrients, including potassium and certain salts. Instead of electrolyte drinks, try a wholefood packed Smoothie.

Why? Avocados, bananas, kiwis and coconut water are useful sources of potassium and can help replenish levels and combat the diuretic effect of alcohol. The natural fructose sugars in fruit also help to increase energy and there is some research to suggest it may help to speed up the body's processing of alcohol.

After that, you're on your own…

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