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Have yourself a healthy little Christmas

11/12/16 | Maria Mekhael, Nutritional Therapist

Here are my top tips on how to avoid the annual excesses many of us indulge in at Christmas time:

GO slow, eat small and keep that sherry under lock-and-key.

That's the Christmas message, from us to you.

Here at Hencote we're not trying to be party-poopers but nobody wants to roll into 2017 looking like a left-over sprout.

There is a good reason why 'tis the season to be jolly. Read on, for our festive tips which will keep you happy AND healthy throughout the festive break. We promise you, they're crackers...

"Have yourself a healthy little Christmas" - 5 ways to avoid the festive "Food Coma"

Christmas feasts don't have to leave you comatose in front of the TV! Here a few tips to

1. Eat small amounts throughout the day: protein-based breakfast and snacks throughout the day will help balance blood sugar and hunger. This will help to resist the temptation to overeat later on…meaning the meal doesn't leave you feeling drowsy or as stuffed as the turkey.

2. Eat Slowly: Take your time eating to allow yourself to register when you feel full, and exercise portion control. Start with a small slice first before thinking about whether you really need another.

3. Balance your plate: Opt for lighter veggie sides and pair these with the turkey to make up most of your plate, so that you automatically take less of the high fat/high sugar trimmings (think stuffing, bread sauce, mashed potatoes) that can lead to lethargy. If you can't see your plate, you have too much on there.

4. Go easy on the alcohol: Intersperse your alcoholic drinks with sparkling water and lemon/lime (also useful for damage limitation when it comes to the hangover). And, if you are drinking, leave the car parked.

5. Get Moving: A short walk in the fresh air not only energises and aids digestion, it also helps regulate your blood sugar.

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