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Nutrition in the Corporate World


The rat-race continues to dominate life and with technology helping to blur the lines between office and home, very few of us are able to relax fully.

One of the cornerstones of Hencote's wellbeing programme is nutrition and the benefits a rounded and balanced diet can have on workplace performance.

Hencote's expert Maria Mekhael has used her extensive experience in the global marketplace to develop a guide which gives the body the boost it craves.

Maria worked for a large consultancy firm before retraining as a nutritional therapist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London.

She knows first-hand the difficulties of balancing personal wellbeing with multiple deadlines, long hours, meetings and work travel.

"I believe that in a competitive world, better performance however defined - more creative ideas, better energy, a sharper mind - creates success," she explains.

"Most people undertake professional development, coaching and mentoring, but many neglect the biochemical influences on performance. Good nutrition can help your mental focus, enhance concentration, help fight fatigue and combat stress, yet eating well can be challenging in a corporate environment where a lack of 'healthy' options, hotel breakfasts and office socialising can jeopardise good intentions."

Maria believes small changes to diet and lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on workplace energy and performance.

She continued: "Trying to manage time, stress levels, office socialising and numerous deadlines mean that many busy people rely on stimulants like caffeine and sugar to get them through the day.

"My aim is to show you how to make incremental dietary and lifestyle changes that fit with your time and work commitments, guiding you towards better health, without compromising balance or enjoyment."

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