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Welcome Winter

29/11/16 | Olivia Britton- Manager, The Grange at Hencote

We have finally broken the barrier and truly walked into winter this morning! Frost coated fallen leaves laying on the ground and grass crunching under my wellies as I walked over to the edge of the garden to see what treat of a view the vineyard would present.

A sheen of transparent white glistening with the odd warmth of autumnal colours, still trying to make an appearance. With the sun still rising in the distance and providing a glow over the tips of the vines, a rather breathtaking view if I do say so myself!

Welcome to Hencote vineyard in winter! Who would have thought that a vineyard could still look so romantic and peaceful during winter? Admittedly, I am rather astonished! Very few leaves are left now due to the everlasting Autumn and Winter windy, cold weather, and so one would think a vineyard would be rather dull at this time of year. This is completely wrong, it's stunning! I'm very reluctant to turn away and head inside, even though I'm rather perished.

The vineyard is definitely full of surprises, I can tell you. Only last week, Mark our vineyard Manager found two enormous, ripe bunches of grapes which had been hiding in a guard. This particular vine was only planted this year so you can imagine the shock and joy of what it is already capable of producing. The spot for our vineyard was chosen for a number of reasons, one in particular which is due to the micro climate it provides to the vines. Although the outskirts may feel slightly nippy and breezy, walking towards the centre suddenly provides a wave of warmth and often results in visitors having to remove jackets. I'm serious, the change in temperature due to the positioning of the land is pretty incredible. This is why we get lovely surprises, such as the recent findings of grapes.

We have now experienced the beauty the sudden chill and frosty edge can provide to our vineyard.......I just wonder what it will look like under a blanket of snow?!

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