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A New Year a New You- 'Hencote for life'

22/1/17 | Olivia Britton- Manager, The Grange at Hencote

Everywhere I turn I see signs such as 'Drop a stone in 4 weeks' OR 'Cleanse and detox your body for 2017', gym clothes- literally shoved in your face as soon as you walk into any shop or super market, and diet food or protein powders. 

Christmas Parties- the morning after struggle


CHRISTMAS parties: They always seem like such a good idea...until the next morning.

Your head hurts, your stomach is churning and the boss wants an urgent word about that broken photocopier.

We can't protect you from facing the music, but we can help perk you up following a night of indulgence.

Hencote's nutrition expert Maria Mekhael shows you how:

Have yourself a healthy little Christmas

11/12/16 | Maria Mekhael, Nutritional Therapist

Here are my top tips on how to avoid the annual excesses many of us indulge in at Christmas time:

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